What Kids Are Reading - Primary

The 2023 What (and How) Kids are Reading report celebrates the 15th edition of this annual spotlight on the reading choices, habits, and attitudes of children of all ages.

Accelerated Reader was used in more than 6,400 schools in the UK and the Republic of Ireland by more than 1.2 million pupils and 41,500 quizzes were available. Collectively more than 27 million books were read (which is up 24% from last year), and 58% of these were in Primary Schools. The Report not only looks at reading behaviours of children of all ages and abilities, but also what they’re enjoying – as every student that took part in the study voted on their favourites.

You can also see the results of the 2023 What Kids are Reading Report for Year 7 to Year 11 on our Secondary page.

Most Read Titles
Highest New Entrants
Pupils Voting on their Favourite Books