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Software Cost Estimation with COCOMO II (paperback)

By: Abts, Chris Boehm, Barry W. Brown, A. Winsor Chulani, Sunita Clark, Bradford K. Horowitz, Ellis Madachy, Ray Reifer, Donald J. Steece, Bert

0137025769 / 9780137025763
Paperback / softback
Out of print
United States
178 x 235 mm 544 pages
Tertiary Education (US: College)  Learn More

Software is now central to the quick development of smart, flexible, adaptable products and services.

Every sizable company, in virtually every industry, is alsoa software company -- and more than 50% of all software projects run more than 50% over budget.

In this book, a team led by world-renowned software economics expert Dr. Barry Boehm demonstrates breakthrough techniques for creating software cost estimates and schedules you can actually depend upon.

Using Boehm's COCOMO II model and new MBASE approach, it's possible to finally predict when software will be delivered, what it will cost -- and that it will actually meet the needs of its users.

KEY TOPICS: Start by understanding the key reason why many attempts to estimate and schedule software have failed: clashes amongst the models and expectations used to define and manage the project.

Next, learn how Boehm's new Model-Based (System) Architecting and Software Engineering (MBASE) approach makes it possible to define a consistent, mutually supportive set of product, process, property, and success models, driven by stakeholder success -- and how MBASE and COCOMO II modeling can be used to create more realistic cost estimates and schedules than ever before.

Then, walk through applying MBASE to a complex software project: the creation of COCOMO II itself.

The book provides detailed guidance on using COCOMO II with traditional waterfall development, projects that utilize MBASE, and incremental development projects.

The world-class team of software cost modeling, process, applications, and statistical experts, including Chris Abts, Dr. Ellis Horowitz, Dr. Ray Madachy, Winsor Brown, Dr. Bradford Clark, Dr. Sunita Chulani, Dr. Bert Steece, and Donald Reifer, has ensured that every aspect of COCOMO II has been thoroughly covered and practically applied prior to its release.

MARKET: For every manager and user whose success depends on accurate software development cost estimates and schedules.


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