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Can I go & play now? : rethinking the early years

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Is it time to re-think continuous practice in the early years?The world of education is an amazing and rewarding world to be in, but there is a sense among many that work within it that there is something not quite right, that all is not well.

In this book, Greg Bottrill explores how he ensures that, in his Early Years setting, continuous provision enables children.

He shares his Early Years pedagogy through the '3Ms' and explains how to apply these in the classroom.

Greg also explores the definition of play - what it is and what it isn't - and the challenging role of the Early Years teacher. This book shares good practice in:early reading and the joy of readingearly writing developmentboys writingthe nature of outdoor play and how to make this truly 'outdoor'the role of parents in child developmentmathematics in playwhen and how to do intervention work with childrenhow to get Headteachers and centre managers on board.

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