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Ethical Studies: Second Edition

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Introduces readers to the theories and key figures associated with them, providing tasks and essay questions.Academically written with formal referencing, preparing students for the appraoch taken in higher education.Internet links to appropriate online resources.Detailed notes on essay writting, exam sitting and research skills.Contents List: An introduction to ethics; Absolutism and relativism; Natural moral law; Utilitarianism: a theory of usefulness; Kant; Naturalism and intuitionism; Emotivism and prescriptivism; Determinism and free will; Situation ethics; Virtue theory; Religion and morality; Conscience; Egoism; Sexual ethics and homosexuality; Abortion; Voluntary euthanasia; War and peace; Rights: human and animal; Human cloning.

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Nelson Thornes
0748757988 / 9780748757985
United Kingdom
viii, 268 p. : ill.
24 cm
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