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By: Christensen, Mike Harvey, Debra Gray, Carole(Illustrated by) Harvey, Laura(Illustrated by)

0956018335 / 9780956018335
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United Kingdom
220 x 280 mm 350 pages, 35 illustrations
Children's (6-12)  Learn More

All around us are many worlds and this is a story about one of them, a magical Kingdom known as Wondonium.

To enter this secret realm, you need to possess a piece of the Scerne Stone.

Man once had access to this strange world but sadly man desired power, this caused much conflict and unrest.

As punishment, our ancestors were forced to hand back all of the Scerne Stones to the Wizard Arith, key holder and ruler of Wondonium.

Thousands of years passed and those times were forgotton but the knowledge learnt from those early times was not.

It was called magic. Those who practiced it were called witches, magic was accepted as a way of life.

However, one day all that changed when an evil Witch called Mervinder arrived.

Her dark magic brought a trail of depair and devastion throughou the land.

As punishment the Wizard Arith imprisoned the Witch in an enchanted bottle.

There she remained deep underground...Three young orphans Sophie, Jack and Lucy are preparing to spend their first Christmas with great Auntie Mabel.

Strange things start to happen after they discover a mysterious golden trinket which they think is a ring but it isn't a ring at all...Meanwhile there kindly neighbour Miss Parsons decides to investigate a small patch in the garden where nothing seems to grow. After digging a hole she discovers the enchanted bottle.

Realising something is inside she pulls off the magic stopper and releases the evil Witch.

Free from her glass prison Mervinder seeks revenge by distroying the wizard Arith and becoming Wondonium's new Queen...The children's adventures eventually lead them into the enchanted land of Wondonium where they meet a host of colourful characters.

As they embark upon their quest to save this unknown realm...they know it's future hangs in the balance...Beautifully illustrated throughout this Christmas fairy tale is sure to delight you and your family for generations to come.


YFH Fantasy & magical realism (Children's / Teenage)

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