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Cynthia Smart's Midwife Crisis (Large type / large print ed)

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Midlife crisis? What midlife crisis?

At forty-four, Cynthia Smart is exactly where she wants to be. Almost.

In a couple of years, she'll be the CEO of the company she's spent most of her adult life working in. For now, though, she's still busy shimmying up the greasy pole of corporate business. She's single, carefree, and independent, and nothing can stop her getting what she wants and deserves.

Until she discovers she's pregnant.

Determined to have her cake and eat it, she's convinced that having a baby will make little difference to her life, and that she will be one of those women who can hold down an incredibly demanding job and also be a perfect mother.

But as her pregnancy progresses and her life slowly falls apart, she has the sneaking suspicion that Max Oakland, the new guy on the block, is out to steal her dream job. That she's terribly attracted to him doesn't help, nor does the fact that he's devilishly handsome, appears to be a really nice fella, and is good in a crisis.

When she gradually comes to realise that something has got to give, what she doesn't want it to be is her heart.

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