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Through the magic, mystery and miracle of meditation, an intriguing expedition is embarked upon into the World of Light in Crystal Mysticism so that understanding can be obtained about the Great Shift that is going to occur to Human Beings and to Earth.

Many souls, and many more of every kind, have been given knowledge about the Great Event and at a pre-ordained time this information started being released.

During the journey, hidden knowledge about the Great Shift is disclosed by Light Bearers who appear in various forms and include crystals, crystal skulls and gemstones.

Some of them carry higher spiritual vibrations and some of them have an extraterrestrial origin.

Along the way, the following questions are answered as well.

Do the Extraterrestrial Beings, who visit our planet, come in peace?

If they were to share their technology with us, are we sufficiently advanced to be able to understand this information?

Do Extraterrestrial Beings believe in God? Heavenly Beings/Extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth since our Universe began.

As each new stage of our development has been about to occur, they have provided us with knowledge about it beforehand.

Throughout the current time of change, they have been conveying, via telepathy, the information that we need to know so that we are aware that the reconfiguration process, which our beings are going through, is so that we will be able to obtain the more profound level of direct experience of The Divine that is realized by Extraterrestrials.

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