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Borgata: Clash of Titans : A History of the American Mafia

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The first hundred years of the American Mafia's existence would come to be seen as a golden age. From small-town Sicily to glittering Las Vegas, the mob had carefully expanded and consolidated their power until their influence touched almost every aspect of American society. But in the 1960s, everything changed.

In CLASH OF TITANS, the second volume of former Mafia associate Louis Ferrante's groundbreaking Borgata trilogy, we discover for the first time the true scale of the conflicts that rocked the organisation between 1960 and 1985. From Robert F. Kennedy's personal crusade against the unexpecting mob to covert assassinations, betrayal by government informants and full-blown insurrections, we follow the Mafia from the apex of their power to their descent into civil war.

This story takes place against the backdrop of a changing America, where shadowy CIA conspiracies, brutal Justice Department battles and J Edgar Hoover's FBI all leave their mark on the Mafia tale.

Ferrante's insider history sheds new light on men so powerful they have since become household names: Jimmy Hoffa, Crazy Joe Gallo, Carlo Gambino and more. And, as ruthless infighting leads to rebellion, we watch as a bitter power struggle between Paul Castellano and the young John Gotti begins.

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