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Organizing and Organizations (3rd ed.)

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'An excellent introductory text provides a concise and well-written coverage of the main concepts in organizational behaviour.

The combination of case studies and discussion of theoretical issues is well structured and provides the reader with a good framework for further reading' - Leadership and Organization Development Engaging with the highs and lows of organizational life, this Third Edition of an established textbook consolidates and builds on the strengths of previous editions.

It will be welcomed by undergraduate and postgraduate students alike.

The latest key concepts, research and literature are explained.

Challenging, real life, scenarios are presented; readers are encouraged to use them to produce their own approaches to organizational problems.

Throughout, the book's clear structure and informal delivery support its readability.This Third Edition includes: - new chapters and case studies that explore virtuality, motivation, innovation and knowledge management - an extended and updated thesaurus - an expanded Reading On Section at the end of each chapter This textbook will provide excellent support to students of management, organizational behaviour and the psychology and sociology of organizations.

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