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What Happens When Students Are in the Minority: Experiences and Behaviors that Impact Human Performance

Hutchison, Charles B.Abelquist, Maria(Contributions by)Adams, Tiffany(Contributions by)Afam, Clifford(Contributions by)Blankton, Daniel(Contributions by)Bongiovanni, Brian(Contributions by)Bradley, Carletta(Contributions by)Brisley, Winfree(Contributions by)Clark, Tracie S.(Contributions by)Cornett, David W.(Contributions by)Cross, Jim(Contributions by)Danzi, Betty(Contributions by)Deckard, Arron(Contributions by)Delehant, Ryan(Contributions by)Emerson, Lauren(Contributions by)Jakeway, Angela(Contributions by)Johnston, Stephanie(Contributions by)Jones, LaTasha(Contributions by)Kirkpatrick, Kalilah(Contributions by)Kissman, Karlie(Contributions by)Laliberte, Jeremy(Contributions by)Loftis, Melissa(Contributions by)McCrimmon, Lisa(Contributions by)McGee, Anita(Contributions by)Pharr, Aja'(Contributions by)Sisk, Crystal(Contributions by)Sullivan, Loretta(Contributions by)Uhuru, Ora(Contributions by)Wright, Ann(Contributions by)
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When people find themselves as the minorities in different situations, they often feel as if they have been placed onstage with a spotlight on them.

Consequently, they become prisoners of anxiety, and engage in certain predictable, negative behaviors.

Owing to sheer anxiety and mental overload, these situational minorities often find themselves behaving unintelligently.

This book uses real-life experiences of diverse people to illustrate that, if not understood and addressed, situational minorities at school or work are unlikely to perform at their highest potentials.

This book is for anyone who wants to understand human behavior and performance: why minorities struggle in majority schools, or why the only male or female on the team has to overcome a mental barrier in order to catch up.

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