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I Love My Bike

Mole, SimonUsher, Sam(Illustrated by)
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I Love My Biketells the story of a girls first experience on her bike, and is filled with beautiful illustrations and a heartwarming message of perseverance.

There's a flame on the frame
and I love how it feels
from my head to my heels
when my feet push the pedals
and the pedals turn the wheels.
I love my bike.

I Love My Bike is a picture book about a little girl learning to ride a bike with the help of her father.Dad explains how to use the pedals and tells her to keep going until shes flying! Everything is going well until she falls off and suddenly getting back on the bike seems very scary. This beautiful book is also about that exhilarating feeling you get when you succeed at something for the first time as a child. Its also a reminder of how important it is to be outside and enjoy the wonder of nature. And, most importantly, it's about learning that when you fall off, the best thing to do is get back on again!

The story is told through wonderful watercolors from critically acclaimed artist Sam Usher, with words from childrens poet Simon Mole.

Celebrating both family relationships and being outdoors, this is the perfect read for families everywhere.

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0711256225 / 9780711256224
32 pages
232 x 323 mm, 454 grams