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Image for Occupational Health and Safety in the Care and Use of Nonhuman Primates
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The field of occupational health and safety constantly changes, especially as it pertains to biomedical research.

New infectious hazards are of particular importance at nonhuman-primate facilities.

For example, the discovery that B virus can be transmitted via a splash on a mucous membrane raises new concerns that must be addressed, as does the discovery of the Reston strain of Ebola virus in import quarantine facilities in the U.S.

The risk of such infectious hazards is best managed through a flexible and comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Program (OHSP) that can identify and mitigate potential hazards. Occupational Health and Safety in the Care and Use of Nonhuman Primates is intended as a reference for vivarium managers, veterinarians, researchers, safety professionals, and others who are involved in developing or implementing an OHSP that deals with nonhuman primates.

The book lists the important features of an OHSP and provides the tools necessary for informed decision-making in developing an optimal program that meets all particular institutional needs.


KNXC Health & safety issues, MBGL Medical laboratory testing & techniques, MBGR Medical research, MZF Veterinary medicine: laboratory animals

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