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Image for Symbolic Structures : An Exploration of the Culture of the Dowayos

Symbolic Structures : An Exploration of the Culture of the Dowayos

By: Nigel Barley, Barley

0521247454 / 9780521247450
Out of print
United Kingdom
138 x 216 mm, 295 grams 133 pages

Many opposing theories have been elaborated by different anthropologists in an attempt to explain the nature of symbolism.

In this work Nigel Barley uses a particular ethnographic case to examine the relevance and limitations of these existing theories and to develop a new alternative approach which draws on areas of linguistics and folkloristics at one time neglected by symbolic theorists.

The book is a detailed study of the symbolic universe of the Dowayos of north Cameroon, as displayed in their ritual and beliefs.

Considering matters as diverse as their oral literature, their material culture and their festivals, Dr Barley's analysis develops by unfolding sequentially a map of the symbolic structures that underlie Dowayo culture and shape their apperception of the world about them.

This book will be particularly useful for students. It will also interest all anthropologists concerned with the study of symbolism and with the application to anthropology of models derived from linguistics and folklore.


1H Africa, JHM Anthropology

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