Image for Skandar and the Phantom Rider: The Spectacular Sequel to Skandar and the Unicorn Thief, the Biggest Fantasy Adventure Since Harry Potter

Skandar and the Phantom Rider: The Spectacular Sequel to Skandar and the Unicorn Thief, the Biggest Fantasy Adventure Since Harry Potter - 2 (Hardback original)

Part of the Skandar series
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The epic adventure continues . . . Don't miss this second book in the international bestselling SKANDAR series, an unmissable adventure for readers age 9 to 99 and fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Eragon.The Island shall have its revenge . . . Skandar Smith has achieved his dream to train as a unicorn rider.

But as Skandar and his friends enter their second year at the Eyrie, a new threat arises.

Immortal wild unicorns are somehow being killed, a prophecy warns of terrible danger, and elemental destruction begins to ravage the Island.

Meanwhile, Skandar's sister, Kenna, longs to join him and Skandar is determined to help her, no matter what.

As the storm gathers, can Skandar discover how to stop the Island tearing itself apart before it's too late for them all?

Get ready for more action, unforgettable characters, and mesmerizing world building.

Be one of the first to join the adventure PRE-ORDER NOW!Epic, unforgettable and endlessly exciting, Steadman's masterful sequel soars even higher than her debut.

Aisling Fowler, author of the Fireborn seriesPraise for Skandar and the Unicorn Thief, the first book in the SKANDAR series:Steadman has a vast imagination, her world-building is a joy, the battle scenes are thrilling and her characters charm.The TimesChildrens Book of the Week';Pacy, enthralling and epic, a gripping read.'Louie Stowell,author ofLokiandOtherland';A dazzling feat of imagination.

I loved every breathlessmoment of it!'Cat Doyle,author ofThe Storm Keeper's Islandand co-author ofTwin Crowns';The best book I've ever read.'Patrick, age 10';My book of the year.

Not since Harry Potter have I felt this excited about a series.

Readers are sure to be clamouring for the next book.

You'll never look at unicorns the same way again, nor will you want to!'Dominique Valente,author of the Starfell series';Never have unicorns been so ferocious, fearsome and thrilling!

A fantastically gripping read!'Laura Ellen Anderson,author of Amelia Fang and Rainbow Grey';A magnificent book.

I raced through it at turns enthralled, delighted, amazed.

It's everything I could have wanted and more. No doubt this book is going to fly.'Hannah Gold, author ofThe Last Bear';Skandar and the Unicorn Thiefbrims with wild adventure, fierce sky battles, elemental magic, ferocious unicorns and a terrifying enemy.

Steadmans cinematic writing draws you in from the very first page, creating a hugely compelling, unforgettable read.

Endlessly thrilling, unputdownable and utterly unmissable.'Aisling Fowler, author ofFireborn';A.

F. Steadman has created a stunning new world that feels both familiar and fresh, with a cast of characters that will stay with you long after you've finished reading.'Tl Okogwu,author ofOnyeka and the Academy of the SunSKANDAR soars with magic, adventure, and pulse-pounding fun the book equivalent of riding a rollercoaster while eating cake with fireworks exploding overhead! Andy Sagar, author of theYesterday Crumb series

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