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Image for Persuasion : How to Analyze People and Influence Them with Methods of Persuasion by Learning Simple Psychology and Human Behavior

Persuasion : How to Analyze People and Influence Them with Methods of Persuasion by Learning Simple Psychology and Human Behavior

By: Academy, Advanced Psychology Willink, Timothy

1646158598 / 9781646158591
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,,,,★☆ Why Are Some People So Persuasive and Others Just Frequently Ignored? What’s the Delineating Factor? Read On... ☆★,,,,


Persuasion is something everyone is born with, it’s part of human nature. The way we react to certain words, gestures, or sounds reveals a lot about our responsiveness to persuasion. By studying human behavior, you can learn the secrets of relationships between people and how they establish them. Persuasion is something very positive when done in the right away, and can take your message very far.

Do you know what’s one of the most common traits on successful people? Their persuasion power. Something that every leader should be a master on. However, don’t confuse persuasion with being bossy or demanding. True persuasion is made with confidence, specifically self-confidence. You have to be confident of your words, gestures, and actions, in order to get other people to follow you.


,,,,,,,,,,,, “The Ability to Influence People Without Irritating Them Is The Most Profitable Skill You Can Learn” – Napleon Hill ,,,,,,,,,,,,


The best leaders are persuasive, it’s part of their nature. And that’s also why they have the best teams: because people trust him/her. Your persuasion powers can open new doors of opportunities, and can definitely turn you into a better leader!

Stop watching life pass you by and start facing life head on. You too, can be very persuasive and influence people to join your projects. You will learn how to share your influence in order to help others, and establish their trust. This way, you will build lasting relationships, built upon confidence and efficiency. Uncover the secrets of your own persuasion powers with “Persuasion”.


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VSC Advice on careers & achieving success, VSPM Assertiveness, motivation & self-esteem, VXM Mind, body, spirit: meditation & visualisation

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