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Our Exclusive VLeBook Collections are designed to provide comprehensive access to essential content while respecting your budget constraints. We have partnered with top publishers to curate collections of key titles, offered at a single, affordable price; significantly cheaper than buying each book separately. These eBook deals ensure that your students have all the necessary resources for their studies and development, ensuring no one lacks essential materials. Our collections span a wide range of topics, subjects, and interests, with most collections coming with a license for 9,999 users for 365 days, maximising accessibility and value.

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What titles are included in the collections?

You can find out which titles are included within each collection by simply clicking the ‘View Included Titles’ button located against each collection listings. This will the direct you to a list of all included titles.

Can Marc records be provided for the collections?

Yes, Marc records for each collection can be made available upon request. Any Marc records requested can be amended to suit your requirements and all titles within the record will contain the relevant eBook URL in the 856 $u field. The overall collection name will also be included in the 773 $t field to denote that the eBook is part of a larger collection. For any special requests, please contact customer.services@brownsbfs.co.uk

What if I already own a title included in the collection?

If you already own a title within your chosen collection, please contact our customer care department via customer.services@brownsbfs.co.uk and we will look into a possible discount.

Can the collections be order via any normal workflow?

Yes, the collections are available to order with a nominated 13-digit ISBN via the Browns website and any other workflow you use such as Marc or EDI Quotes, API ordering or web ordering. Currently, invoices will need to be created manually and these can be provided following a successful order.

Can the collections be grouped on the VLeBooks platform?

Yes, by using the ‘Library Lists’ functionality within VLeBooks, collections can be grouped and the Library List URL can be shared to your end-users.

You can find out more by contacting us via the button below or alternatively view our collections range.