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New Curriculum

A Level Support Reading

Currently all A-Level subjects comprise of an AS qualification in Year 1 and an A2 qualification in Year 2, with the AS grade contributing to the overall A2 grade.


From September 2015 there will be changes to the format and assessment of A-Levels and the AS qualification will no longer count towards a full A-Level.


There will be less coursework meaning that the exams will become more important and the exams will be harder. 


Detailed below are some examples of the changes:


In Science, there will be at least 12 practical experiments in Chemistry, Biology and Physics, and will be assessed as a Pass or Fail separately from the A-Level grade. More mathematical knowledge will be expected in physics.


In History topics will need to cover at least 200 years of history rather than 100 years at present. There is also a requirement to study two different countries including Britain.


In English Literature ‘unseen text’ will be used to promote wider and more critical reading.


Economics will also include more mathematics and cover the role of financial regulators including central banks.


Computer Science will focus more on programming, algorithms and problem solving.


The new A-Levels will be rolled in over a period of time with a number of subjects being delivered in the new format from this September:


Art and Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English Language, English Literature, English Literature and Language (combined), History Physics; Psychology and Sociology

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