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Avizandum Legislation on The Scots Law of Obligations (8th edition)

Macgregor, Laura(Edited by)
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Brings together the legislation that students on Scottish LLB law of obligations courses need to know about Avizandum Legislation on the Scots Law of Obligations takes a unitary approach to this difficult and fragmented subject.

It contains a wide-ranging selection of materials, including statutes, statutory instruments, EU Directives and Codes, relating to contract, delict and unjustified enrichment, together with provisions that affect the general law on civil liability. Key contents include: Prescription and Limitation (Scotland) Act 1973Sale of Goods Act 1979Requirements of Writing (Scotland) Act 1995Consumer Rights Act 2015Unidroit Principles for International Commercial Contracts 2016

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1904968864 / 9781904968863
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United Kingdom
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Published in Scotland.