Book Services

We can provide a suite of servicing elements tailored to meet your library specification, as protecting your books is vital in order to maintain the overall shelf life of your books.

Service Your Existing Stock

Browns Books are now offering the option for customers to have stock not supplied by BBFS, serviced. Particularly we see customers who adopt the AR scheme, may want their whole Library serviced with AR Labels rather than having to replenish the whole library.

Contact our customer service on 01482 384660 to discuss how we can service your existing stock.

MARC Record

The Marc Record is the bibliographic information about a title. Browns Books provide Marc Record Response, where Order Specific information is added to the Marc Record including Price, Quantity, Line References, and Customers Location, Loan Type & Budget Codes. Making populating your Library Management System quicker and saving you time.

Contact our customer service on 01482 384660 to help get you set up

Shelf Ready Servicing

You can place an order with your bespoke Servicing requirement. Customers that require barcodes to be added to the titles; can now have the barcode information entered into the MARC Record data file. You receive by e-mail the MARC Record file which contains all the information on each book in the order. When the books arrive back, you can scan the barcode and the Library Management System already has the correct book data linked. Therefore the books are “Shelf Ready” and can be put straight onto the shelf.

Please Note

Customers need to have a Servicing Specification set up prior to their first order. We do not link the barcodes into the Marc Record as standard so this option must be requested. We can rough pack servicing by Invoice or Dewey preference should this assist un-packing and sorting on delivery. We generally do not do this as standard but please add this as a preference.

Finance management systems & e-procurement

Browns Books pro-actively work with current customers to identify their Finance Management / eProcurement systems and progress integration to suit the customer.

We currently work with Parabalis, PECOS, Exchange Wales and Oracle iProcurement.  We have completed compatibility testing with Integra 2.  We can work with other systems subject to testing.  We can provide access to our online catalogue via punchout and also accept resulting purchase orders in cXML format, email or hard copy if required.  Electronic invoicing is currently being set up for individual customers, where we would require a sample file, or XML DTD to look at getting this set up for Members.

We have made a number of improvements to our punchout service, which allows us to create a guest account per Consortium Member, meaning that no Member will require a login to the site in order to place orders through Browns.  Once the Member places an order, we automatically tie the user to their trading account with us, and subsequent logins are automatically logged into that account.  This greatly improves adoption and removes any lengthy setup procedures.

Please contact Customer Care for more information on how we integrate with your preferred Finance management system or e-procurement system.

Selection Support & De-duplication

Browns Books for Students offer a suite of solutions for deduplication and selection support.

All Customers, when logged into their account and search for a title, can view whether the item has previously been purchased.  Clicking the “View Previous Orders” tab populates the screen with the detailed order information of when the item was purchased, the quantity and Invoice details.  If the item has not yet been despatched, the screen will show the status of the item.

This function is extremely useful to assist individual users when identifying if stock is required for their department.  This function is available when creating a basket and reduces duplicate stock.

Further to enhance this, customers can view other formats for the title available on the same screen.  By clicking on the ‘Other Formats’, you are also able to check if another format has been purchased and the invoice and delivery information for the title

All customers can utilise our Selection Support Team, who can produce selections of titles based on the institution's specific criteria. Using this extensive knowledge and experience we work with institutions to help collate and create selections of titles which encompass various subjects and predetermined values to fit into budgets.

The baskets created by our Selection Support Team can be matched and de-duplicated against a customer’s catalogue, providing we have received an exported file which includes ISBN and title fields as a minimum.

EDI Ordering

EDI messages provide a seamless transition through the ordering process.

Contact Customer Care for more information on how our integration works and begin the set-up and testing process.

Book Jackets

Complete the form below to guarantee the protection of your brand-new books with our durable plastic book jackets, extending their shelf life by an impressive 7 years.