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Moral problems : a coursebook for schools and colleges (2nd ed)

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For the student navigating the field of philosophy, both original philosophical texts and single-author interpretations of a range of ideas can be overwhelming and daunting.

In the second edition of "Moral Problems", Michael Palmer makes the student's acquaintance with philosophy much smoother.

Extracts of major philosophical works in ethical theory are provided, alongside introductions and comprehension and essay questions to aid students in their understanding of these texts. "Moral Problems" is not just a compendium of philosophical ideas, but also a wide-ranging coursebook.

Areas covered, include: the concept of ethics, Egoism, Utilitarianism, ethics and God, Kant's theories, Virtue Ethics, Determinism and meta-ethics.

An extensive bibliography for each topic offers advice for further reading.

In addition, the discussion sections link each philosophical theory to a contemporary issue, demonstrating how philosophy is relevant to the modern day.

The textbook does not assume any previous knowledge of philosophy and is thus ideal for students and teachers in universities, colleges and secondary schools. "For Epicurus, the avoidance of pain is more important than the acquisition of pleasure.

In that case, why not advocate (like the hedonist Hegesias) suicide on the grounds that it guarantees a state with no pain at all?" An essay question from Egoism, "Moral Problems, Second Edition".

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