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Image for Courts and Criminal Justice in America

Courts and Criminal Justice in America

By: Schmalleger, Frank J. SIEGEL, LARRY J. Worrall, John L.

013174576X / 9780131745766
Out of print
United States
216 x 276 mm, 1014 grams 512 pages
The most popular two Criminal Justice authors of the century have joined for a collaboration of excellence!  Featuring a balanced and modern presentation, COURTS AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE IN AMERICA, 1/e book addresses the need for a volume that covers hot button issues as well as the basic structure of the court system and court process. Its up-to-date coverage highlights several recent trends, such as the addition of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, advents in problem-solving courts, and technological innovations. Special sections feature court cases with lasting impact and stories of courts in the news. Written by a respected author team, the book gives a comprehensive look at the courts, their personnel and the context in which they operate.


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