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Image for Guided Meditation for Anxiety : Letting Go of Pain, Over-Thinking, OCD, Depression, Worry, Stress With Emotional Healing and Inspired Living

Guided Meditation for Anxiety : Letting Go of Pain, Over-Thinking, OCD, Depression, Worry, Stress With Emotional Healing and Inspired Living

By: Academy, Deep Meditation Willink, Timothy

1646155564 / 9781646155569
Paperback / softback
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127 x 203 mm, 64 grams 52 pages
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,,,,★☆ Does Uncontrollable Anxiety Fills You Up Sometimes? Want to Say Goodbye to Anxiety for Good? Continue Reading... ☆★,,,,


Anxiety is one of the biggest problems in today’s society. It affects almost everyone, everywhere in the world. It's a psychological condition that limits ourselves and fills our mind with fear and expectation.  Like living under constant terror, anxiety can have a negative impact on all the beautiful things in your life. Although medical treatment is available, its secondary effects can be dangerous and even worsen the problem. This book ‘Guided Meditation for Anxiety’ offers a different solution: Meditation as a treatment for anxiety.

Open your mind and heart to mindfulness; while clearing your thoughts, your being becomes lighter and happier. This is the perfect book to begin with.


,,,,,,,,,,,, “The Things About Meditation is: You Become More and More You” – David Lynch ,,,,,,,,,,,,


Anxiety affects around 30% of adults in the US (including both diagnosed and undiagnosed). It’s a serious problem that costs the government around 42 billion dollars every year in medical treatment. The solution, however, should be found inside yourself. No one knows your mind better than you. You are the only one capable of understanding what needs to change and why. Meditation is the right channel to do it, with proven results. And the benefits will be greater than you ever thought.

The book ‘Guided Meditation for Anxiety’ provides valuable techniques to help you cure your anxiety. A guided meditation is perfect even for the most distracted, since it holds your hand every step of the process, guiding your mind into a calm and light state. You will learn how to see things in a different perspective and understand the reasons for your anxiety. This guided meditation is also very effective with depression, stress, and focus. The results will amaze you, and you will only wish you had discovered meditation earlier.


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